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Facts About Astrology

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Hippocrates was known as the modern day medicine father coined an essential understanding of Astrology. He did use the psycho/ spiritual implication on Astrology. He tried to wax and wane the understanding the flow of life force that was within one's body. This followed the affliction on transits that were relied at the time on to know when to treat, how to diagnose and what to treat.

There are benefits that can be derived out of the use of Chinese zodiac in the healing process. Take for instance when the famous astrologer found in New Delhi precept on Pluto being related to one's soul intention. The interesting fact about this theory is the attachment of emotional trauma that is believed to orbit around the Pluto in a bid to have a replacement and transit of the Pluto. According to the Buddha use of their noble truth, life is a means of suffering. We were placed on this earth not to enjoy it but to suffer for the future prospect of letting out the soul to better placement. There is a reason why we need to face trauma, suffering, pain, and fear in order to reincarnate and release our departed soul to a better placement.

The beauty of going through the astrology facet is the ability to learn all about natures' relationship. There is the Synastry, the transit, and composite that is encompassed in many theories. When you look closely at the way we relate to one another, it mirrors down to the reflection of our psyche inclusive of the chart. Usually, the implication of these is astronomical. It only takes a properly articulated theme, letting the heart to understand what is about to take place and the healing process to proceed in a relationship.

In the Indian concept, the benefit of relying on certain points that have the best destination in an individual's life is what that matters. Many will opt for the North Node on the Moon that is different from Pluto. The North Node destination doesn't ascribe to the soul but the development in one's story. The North Node commonly referred to as Rahu or the dragon head has a scary pinnacle on our ego development. As humans, we long for such an ego at the same time petrified of it. The dragon is believed to show up in mythical circumstances and its only through facing it that we shall demystify it as an illusion and not a reality. The closeness to the North Node means that synchronicity becomes part of our language. It is only through understanding about Pluto and Soul purpose is when we can confidently purge the mystical dragon believed to devour in our midst whenever we cross its path.

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